What people think of the Guitar Dude

“Thank you so much for being a great guitar teacher, you’ve really helped me over the past year and been very patient with me… I won’t give up ever or forget the songs, scales and barre chords you’ve taught me”

Christie (15), Brighton & Hove

“Thanks for teaching me how to play the guitar and having so much patience”

Joe (9), Brighton & Hove

“I bought a cheap guitar as I always wanted to learn. However, I found it hard as a beginner to keep up on YouTube. A Christmas gift from my wife was guitar lessons with Charlie Guitar Dude and I’m so happy she did. Charlie’s knowledge and understanding of the guitar is priceless, that’s what makes him a great teacher of all levels from beginner to intermediate and so on. He showed great patience with me and helped me to achieve my goals. We covered everything from strumming, open chords, power and barre chords through to scales and theory.

A very professional tutor, keeping notes of our lessons and writing up tabs for me plus looking into my requests whether it be Nirvana, Guns n’ Roses, AC/DC to Johnny Cash or Buddy Holly. Thank you Charlie for all you’ve done!”

Shane (40), London